Art that explores the emotion of being lost in a moment.

See. Feel. Remember

Thank you for your support! My first collection is in-progress and once it’s all finished, I would love to share these beautiful moments with you.

10+ Years of Extravagance Triggers a Moment of Simplicity

 I´ve turned my hands to clay to work on a presentation that examines the gifts garnered by cherishing the most “insignificant” moments. For more than 10 years now, I’ve created elaborate cakes for occasions intended to be the expression of years of gratitude, bottled up and stored for a public celebration. In the process of witnessing the stress and anxiety that comes with saving so much love for one unique moment, it’s made me redesign my life and my habits in a way that prioritizes being present in every moment, taking as many opportunities as possible to share my gratitude and never minimizing the significance of a kind gesture.

This collection of sculptures – currently in progress – reflects on a number of rather insignificant moments lived with my father and my grandfather: two very ordinary men, who never really said, “I love you,” but rather demonstrated it in such a profound and unspectacular way that there was never a need for any grand gestures to say it.

I will be submitting my work and planning events to share these pieces with their accompanying stories in a vibrant, warm and heartful environment.

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The Collection In Progress

“The Dream” 

Les Enfants Terribles – Menton, France
July 2020

“Just Bait”

Campland – San Diego, California

“Anything You Master”

Highland – San Bernardino, California

Events & Exhibitions

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